Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laptop Satellite

BrownstoneIT’s Laptop satellite solution is designed for traveling business people who need a reliable broadband connection (492Kbps symmetrical). The new I-4 satellite launched in November 2005, gives 90% global coverage to the service (marine service to be launched in 2006)

Cost effective voice and data anywhere

The service can provide your business with portable and instant communications in up to 99 countries. Where there are limited or no local telecommunications, the mobile broadband unit offers a complete communications solution, and what's more, is small enough to fit in your briefcase. The lightweight satellite terminal, comparable to or smaller than the size of a laptop computer, users will be able to access email, corporate networks and the internet, transfer files, video conference, and make telephone calls, from nearly anywhere in the world. The new i-4 satellite have 60 times the power and 16 times the capacity of the current I-3 satellite constellation, providing significantly enhanced performance and capability for users. The I-4 satellites will provide the service on 228 narrow spot beams while simultaneously providing the legacy services on 19 wide spot beams, offering a 144Kbps service.

How does it work?

The Small Satellite Antenna is a complete earth station IP modem that acts as an interface between your Laptop/PC and the Satellite Network. VPN connectivity to corporate networks ensures end-to-end reliability and secure high-speed access to information. You’ll have access to your Email and be able to share files and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. This includes the digital transfer of images taken from a digital source, (for example a digital camera). You will even be able to use Store and Forward features to distribute Video clips and images.

Applications supported by our service:-

• Corporate VPN connection • Video conference and collaboration (eg telemedicine) • Broadcast uplink of audio and video • Remote site access to the Internet • Telephone connections • Email retrieval and sending • File transfer • Remote desktop control, white-boarding, thin client (eg Citrix) work

Features include:

• Hardware capable of up to 492kbps on shared channel. • Operational simplicity with fast plug and play compatibility with most Laptops/PC'S. • Lightweight and small in size (about the size of a laptop). • Instant voice, data and video communications. • Access to information as if you were at your desk. • Reliable high-speed connectivity - at anytime. • Optional external antenna. • Optional carry case


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